CONFUSED- A guest post


There is something I am unable to say, something very weird, something so much difficult that it doesn’t let me sleep. I don’t know what actually it is but whatever it is, it is weird…sometimes hanging around with buddies! I thought- is this the weirdest  thing that a boy like me made  so many friends, a boy who was seen as a dumbo, had got above 80% in boards. Wow, who ever would believe this fact….well some may….but no, this was not the thing. But then what was it?? was it love that made me change my style- a boy who was arrogant & selfish changed to a humble & kind boy…may be…don’t know or was it that I had become so humble that even in a fight I think of backing off…i guess no….weird because this was the life’s rule…may be carrier planning had become a weird thing because some years ago I believe I was born for cricket- may be as the boy like me had got a chance for playing at the district level within a few months..because of his ability to swung in and around…and now I got engrossed in studies just to get some professional degree….don’t know but something has got changed inside me, something very weird…the boy who was once offensive is slowly changing into the boy whom everybody thought of as dumbo but now finds knowledegable…the boy bad at humor now cracked jokes..the boy whom his parents use to be proud of now scold him…but why- why is it so that people change??Is it the condition or time or what is it actually………DON’T know but one thing is for sure- nothing is still it will have to change whatever may be the reason …….may be scientific or natural….I have to change under such weird circumstances.  I also doubt sometimes that is this really the reason for changing?? Don’t know…maybe if I ask lord he might be able to reply satisfactorily to such weird questions…


[This philosophical-self post has been written Vineet Shroff who blogs at Vineet’s Thoughts. You can read more about his views (honest and straightforward) here at his blog]


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