What Is It With Salesforce? Why The Big Hue And Cry?

Out there in the technology platform exists a commotion when trying to answer the question – “what is Salesforce?” A complete answer takes hours of explanation. In short, it is a Customer Relationship Management Application, which is delivered through the cloud for a fee on a monthly basis. It is an easy to use, flexible system.

It can be used via various platforms like PC, Smartphone, Tablet and Web Browser, whenever there is the availability of internet service. Salesforce provides a username and password to be entered in its login page. It permits the users to place certain level of information locally on the device. This is for the conditions when the user remains outside the limits of internet.

Commonly, the configured applications give pop-ups with the update notification, which annoys the users. Salesforce is quite a different application, which comes up with the latest version of the solution just when the user login to the system.  Therefore, it is an issue free base and the users need not worry for upgrades, internet problems and hardware issues. Immediately, when login to Salesforce, the user will have instant access to the detailed information of the customers, their contact details, activity record on the account and further steps.

Capabilities of Salesforce

 The complete suite of products is made available once the user gets into Salesforce. The notable products of Salesforce are

  • Sales Cloud,
  • Service Cloud,
  • Salesforce Chatter and
  • Third Party Apps.


The Sales Cloud is meant to be the sales component, which holds complete sales information for the utility of sales team. It is provided through the cloud. It facilitates the sales team and the management team to look more appropriately into the happenings inside their pipeline and let them forecast perfect results.

The Service Cloud concentrates on the customers. It is the main element which deals with the service and support issues of the customers. It enables the support team to track all the pending issues. It makes possible to ponder on the escalation rules based on the passed time and to stress upon the importance of the specific customer.

Salesforce provides an instant messaging system which functions internally. It is known as Chatter. It replaces the email conversation. It enables the employees to collaborate within themselves by chatter communication.

The abilities of the system are extended by various third party applications. The biggest strength of Salesforce is the suppleness and custom-made solutions that are made available to tailor it to suit any type of business. It is because it creates the way how the people work. Salesforce enhances the satisfaction level of both the internal and external customers and promotes sales, which is in the true soul of CRM system.

Functions of Salesforce

Salesforce is a set of CRM components that combines together and well-balances the functions of the companies to give efficient output and increased revenue. Salesforce touches various functional areas in the corporations.

Salesforce for the Sales Team

 Wherever the sales reps have physically been, their works are carried out in an effective manner because of the flexibility in synchronizing the contacts and pipelines. It co-ordinates with the email clients like outlook and sync the calendars. It keeps track of the available opportunities, leads, competitors, accounts and business partners. It helps in associating the appropriate contact with the relevant emails.

It maintains track record so that it becomes easier to look into the contacts that the users already touched. There are provisions to integrate Salesforce with the user’s company website. It makes the sales teams’ work pretty easier and allows them to work majority of their time within the application.

Salesforce for the Support Team

Salesforce keeps trail on the issues of the customer support. It concentrates on escalation rules and the significance of each and every customer.  It makes sure in achieving higher customer satisfaction by not letting the problems fall through the crevice.  It is built in such a way that the unresolved problems are escalated to the view of next higher level support in the organizational hierarchy. The management can note the issues in their products and solve them as needed by using the extensive reporting process.

Salesforce for Marketing Team

Salesforce look after the marketing campaigns which helps the team to design, develop, deploy and implement its campaign goals. Mass emails can be sent through Salesforce for being in touch with the means of revenue. It also offers Web-to-lead service.

Salesforce on Training

The Salesforce CRM Application possesses the strongest training capability. The queries of the users are solved instantly online. There are indeed many Salesforce Training Centers providing formal up-front training. There are online User groups and Salesforce Communities to provide best tips and tricks.

Salesforce as a Priceless Asset

Salesforce helps the management on the whole. It provides visual dashboards to post the updates of all the teams. This helps the management team to take quick and appropriate decisions on what is to be taken care and what is to be expelled. It boosts the productivity of every user.


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