Ritesh’s top 5 films of 2015



I went through two such lists of ‘best films of 2015’ in today’s t2 and at an online magazine. So, I thought why not script a quick post on the films that I felt were the most watch-worthy. Such a non-academic, non-professional post would come with no heavy baggage and would help me brush off some rust that has settled on my pen (as you can perhaps see). However, I haven’t watched all the films that were declared hits or earned the so-called critical acclaim. So, this post is just a list of the best films out of the ones I have watched. So, here we go:


1] Bahubali: There are a few areas where this film was overrated (for instance, the shivling-lifting scene) but more than the plot and the story what worked for me was the treatment, especially in the background score. The pulsating music that would precede the crucial moments singlehandedly had that hair-raising capacity. The war sequences definitely upped the general Bollywood level; the climax came like a jolt out of nowhere, and the Tamannah strip-tease act was that rare kind of a non-vulgar erotic scene that a man can comfortably watch in front of his mother. Bahubali, therefore, deservingly gets the top rank in this list.

Best moment: That slicing-of-the-head scene under the lightning-strewn sky with that bone-chilling music totally had me.


2] Pyar ka Punchnama 2: My date with Pyar ka Punchnama 2 clashed with Durga Puja’s Ponchomi (or was it Shashti) and my best friend’s birthday. This total paisa-vasool movie was not just rib-tickling but was driven by a taut plot with unoriginal but freshly presented story. What worked in favor of this film is its high RQ (relatability quotient) as every man and woman inside the theatre could relate to the nyakami of Chiku and the let-us-commercialize-love theorem by that second heroine (the one that had the best body). My former classmate (from my South Point days) Sonali Sehgall as the third heroine gave me an additional reason to root for this movie.

Best moment: While many may instantly point out the commendable 7-minute monologue, I personally found the highly creative, extremely relatable and hilarious anti-smoking-mimicry scene just at the close of interval as the best moment.


3] Bajrangi Bhaijaan: If Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo felt like a feelingless film, Bajrangi had me nearly choking at the end. The good Samaritan Salman, riding on a painfully sweet plot and teamed with a fail-safe child artist came, saw and conquered (the box office, that is). And our hearts too. The supporting actors including Kareena and that veteran actor who played her father didn’t allow the film to slip even for a minute. And that song ‘tu chahiye.. tu chahiye…shaamo subah tu chahiye’ became my new favorite number. Oh, and the pure, unadulterated, saccharine smile of the child  ❤

Best moment: The climactic scene when Munni is desperately banging on the iron-steel barricade to catch the departing Salman’s attention, only to find her own voice with that ‘maaaa ma’. It gave me a lump in the throat even during repeat watch.


4] Piku: As the t2 reviewer remarked, the film presents poop to the point of romanticizing it. The father-daughter latrine talk that forms the fulcrum of this lighthearted movie wasn’t a laughathon as some may think it to be. What worked in favor of the film was the strong spice of emotion that peppered the potty talk. The bitter-sweet father-daughter banter, bolstered by impeccable acting, lifted the film to new commode-ian heights. Also, not to forget the layered romance between Deepika and Irfan. It really lent the movie that extra edge. And yes, the Calcutta connect!

Best moment: Hard to choose one but I really liked that scene when Deepika almost in a ‘hatke’ proposal asks, “kyun, karoge shaadi mujhse” and an amused Irfan quips, “maatha kharab nahi hai mera.”




Btw, what’s common between Amitabh Bacchan and my rabbit Bunny?

Answer: Their daughter’s name is Piku   (yea, a lame joke :/   )


5] Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon: No, don’t listen to the critics. They only critique films. So, they give high stars to films that have unseen kind of violence or an NH-10 like audacity or to women-centric or politics-centric movies. Sure enough, KKPK has a banal script with nothing new to offer, but it is a highly watchable film due to the highly likeable Kapil Sharma and his innocent brand of comedy. The other actor Varun (who later stars in Shahrukh Khan’s Dilwale) is another likeable baby-faced actor who complements Kapil well in the role of his advocate friend-cum-advisor.

Best moment: Again, difficult to choose one. But that was a great punchline when Kapil’s wife says, “bhagwaan aisa pati sabko de” and an agitated Kapil retorts with “aisa mat bola karo. Kabhi kabhi bhagwaan sun bhi leta hai”.

PS- Not many people know that the actress who essayed the role of the peeping-tom kaamwali is Johnny Lever’s daughter.


So, what are your best films and best moments? Do comment below!


-Ritesh Agarwal

Email: ritzy182000@gmail.com


[All images courtesy Google Images]



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