TRESemme shampoo and conditioner review: What makes them work?


Before plunging into this post, please leave behind the preconceived notion that TRESemme is an all-women product. Men too have their share of split ends, messy locks and, God forbid, even hairfall. 

To bring fact to the table, let’s say that even I, like most men, have been hit hard by the Hair God in the second phase of my 20s. Premature greying and thinning aside, one major issue has been dry (read ‘parched’) hair. Goes without saying that split ends and tangled fizzy knotty convoluted hairs have walked into my cranial life quite gleefully, like street dogs prancing behind you excitedly the moment you crack open that packet of biscuit.
TRESemme’s shampoo has been specifically formulated to fix up those split ends (and those ‘tangled fizzy knotty convoluted hairs’ too). It promises aplenty but does it love upto it?

Apparently it does to quite an extent. When you squeeze that shampoo out, its ultra soft touch will appeal to you, giving a warm assurance that this one will work. And so when you rub the thing on your hair, it both cleanses and caresses the scalp, washing off the dirt and the dandruff (it helped me to keep my seborrhoeic dermatitis in check) and straightening almost each strand on your head.

The container’s look is simple yet attractive. There’s no fakeness about it. The 90 ml pack should last you for quite a few days and the price of Rs 80 is reasonable enough.


Something I really enjoyed is its cap. A simple press nob makes shampooing a lot of fun. Also it’s user-friendly and lets you control the amount of liquid you wish to squeeze out (so you can avoid wastage).


TRESemme conditioner helps keep dryness at bay. It smoothened and moisturized my ‘parched’ hairs and offered a sole reprieve from the barren summer weather.

To close the subject, let it be clear that this is no magic product. It may work for you, it may not work for you; though if you have the usual non-medical problems of the hair, it should work for you.

Overall review: 4.5 out of 5

“It’s not good. It’s not perfect. But somewhere in between.”



Footnote: All pics are mine and the review is genuine, borne out of personal experience.

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    To each his own 🙂

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