Calcutta chromosomes: A flirty post from Kolkata for love and friendship

Hi there 😛

Ritz here 😛

Some men are dogs
Some uglier than frogs 😛

Why go for sleaze
When Victoria has such pleasant breeze 😛

There are horny men who will ask you for s*x
I am just cute, will ask for a date in a plex 😛

If something brews, it’s all good and fine
If not, we are still friends. We will hang out and dine 😛

I am honest, I am decent and I read a lot
Agatha Christie is my fav, I can never guess her plot 😛

I myself write a bit when I am in writing mood
But alas, am lazy, I usually sit and brood 😛

I am from north but in south was my school
I maybe nice, but I won’t make you drool

Not a boyfriend material, I am average-looking and shy
But my feelings are true, I do fantasize on the sly :O

My name is Ritesh, they call me Rats
I cuddle my street dogs but I have a loathing for cats 😛

You may be cheese, and I may be chalk
So, all I want is just a simple walk

Text me if you can, but a call will also be fine
Nine eight eight three four two five three four nine 🙂

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6 Responses to Calcutta chromosomes: A flirty post from Kolkata for love and friendship

  1. Bhakti says:

    Came here via Deepa’s blog and this poem welcomed me 😛 😀
    Cool poem 😀
    Now I shall go and read a bit more 😉

  2. ritzy182000 says:

    I am unhappy that u got welcomed by this poem. This ws just written for an experimental purpose.

    You better go to my main blog about books, writers and all 🙂

  3. 😀😀 fun read

  4. ritzy182000 says:

    well….thanks …umm

  5. Su kanya says:

    Awww….d last line’s twist was jst brought a fine smile on my was smiple by pretty 🙂

  6. ritzy182000 says:

    Just a silly poem I had to make…Now it rather makes me feel embarrassed

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