Bunny, the rambunctious rabbit

Bunny is the younger and the more vociferous of the two rabbits I adopted last week. He started off decently enough with the kind of naughtiness that was within acceptable limits. But a week later, now that he’s well-settled in the new house and well-acquainted with his new family, he has become what we call a fearless hell-raiser. I guess it was a mistake on my part not to have reprimanded him heavily the day he chewed on the cover page of The Lowlands. Encouraged perhaps by my easygoing nature, today he dug his tooth on my headphones and tore off its wires. Admittedly, I was disheartened. Any tips how I can bunny-proof my home?

Bunny also has a tooth for food. Although he doesn’t as such have a gluttonous appetite (at least not as monstrous as the appetite of the other rabbit Hunny), he is clearly a foodie. To say that he relishes junk food would be an understatement. Last evening, when I got puchkas (meaning ‘panipuri’ or ‘golgappa’) for my guests, the way he jumped and ran amok at the sight of them couldn’t be described in words. He just went pagal (berserk) and didn’t relent until a few of the puchkas were poured into his own dish bowl.

Looks like, I am slated for some exciting (read menacing) days ahead.

PS- Had an epiphany last night that the biggest reason why I love Ileana D’cruz so much is because she has rabbit teeth. 🙂

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2 Responses to Bunny, the rambunctious rabbit

  1. Absolutely enjoyed reading this cute account of your pets.

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