Queen Review: All about self-discovery and an endearing Kangana

It’s midnight and I am sitting here before my computer with my brain pushing me hard to scribble a few hasty words about this beautiful film I experienced today. I just returned from the theatre sometime back and am still benumbed by this whole thing.
‘Queen’ starring Kangana Ranaut is a film which can influence you in a very positive and therapeutic way. Though principally, it is about a simple girl out on an odyssey of self-discovery, it is a very realistic and relatable movie at its core. Almost everyone will relate to it. I myself went with my family and despite the differences in age and gender, we had a very satisfying smile after the credits began to roll.
Incidentally, this is the first movie of Kangana which I have watched in a hall, and I can promise myself that it certainly won’t be the last. This girl can act. It’s her sincerity which makes her character of Rani (Queen) so endearing and realistic. I don’t think there was a soul in the hall who disliked the film. I also don’t think there was any soul who didn’t love the film.
Perhaps, I am exaggerating since the film is so fresh in my mind right now. But at the risk of sounding so, I can claim that it’s impossible to watch this movie and not fall in love with it (and with Kangana who carries it entirely on her shoulders).
Actor Aamir Khan had tweeted about this movie last day, appreciating the good work done by the director and the actress. So, just in case you don’t have faith in my review, you can trust our Mr. perfectionist :))
Go watch it before some no-brainer Akshay Kumar flick pushes ‘Queen’ out of the halls.

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