Topless Miley Cyrus is a far cry from that endearing Hannah Montana



My first brush with Miley Cyrus dates back to my college days when both of us were still teenagers. Her ‘Hannah Montana’ act would keep me glued. There was an innocence and an endearing quality to her character which won hearts from Calcutta to Canada.

Sadly, the image which she has at present does little justice to those days of chastity. After rubbing her body in near-lesbian acts live on stage and showing her profanely provocative side by twerking and sticking out tongue, she just set the bar higher (rather lower) by going all topless for a mag shoot.

In a way, some may cite that it was an artistic shoot and the pics were captured aesthetically. Granted all that, but it does not take away the fact that Miley is no more (not even a bit) that endearing Hannah we all were accustomed to love. Now, she appears just another desperately-seeking-your-attention kinda woman who will flaunt her body unabashedly perhaps only to bask in the limelight.

I say, what happened to her singing/acting talent?


PS- No offence meant to her fans. Just needed to spill my thoughts out.


~Says someone who was once her fan

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