5 really romantic places in Kolkata

The youths today are all game for dates and relationships. But for spending some romantic time, home is the last place that would come to your mind, unless your parents are away and your maid can be made to keep her nose away. Couples are more comfortable in hanging out outside where roaming around also helps to lift the mood.

Here in Kolkata (Calcutta), there are a few generous places where lovey dovey couples can steal some private moments. Here is a quick look at the best romantic spots in Kolkata:

  1. Rabindra Sarovar Lake:

I haven’t come across a more scenic place in Calcutta. The lake is huge with a beautiful forest-cramped island in the middle. The shores are green and lavish. There is a lot of space to walk hand in hand or just sit on the benches or at the edge of the lake. Boating is another option that can be enjoyed for a moderate fee (around Rs 40-50 per hour). There is also a restaurant/eatery where snacks, including noodles and coffee, are served.

How to reach-

Just catch a metro to Rabindra Sarovar station. Once you come out, just walk a bit towards the right and you will find the park at the bend.

Privacy quotient-

This place is a lover’s point though friends and older people also stream in to hang about. The enormous park permits a lot of privacy. Snogging (kissing) goes on rampantly. Some couples also go a step ahead though it is advisable not to get carried away and do something rash.

2. Golpark Lake:

This is another park which is notorious for playing host to naughty lovers. With a protected lake and lot of herbs, bushes and benches, one can find a cozy corner to indulge in…ahem ahem.

How to reach-

Take a bus to Golpark. Then ask your way to the park. It is at a 5-minutes’ walk from the bus stop.

Privacy quotient-

A lot of privacy is guaranteed but here there are gate-keepers who will shut the gate at around 7 pm. So, do watch out for the guards.


3. Birla Planetarium:

I know a guy who happily recounted me how he would take his girlfriends for a ‘tara mandal’ show at the Birla Planetarium and have his moments of thrill in the dark during the near-30 minute show. Once you are through the show, you can walk out of the Planetarium, cross the road and indulge in PDA (after 7 pm).

How to reach-

Take a metro till Maidan. Then walk for 5 minutes,

Privacy quotient-

Birla Planetarium isn’t the best place to do anything more than snogging. But some couples do use the opportunity to play with their hands a bit (if you know what I mean).


4. City Centre, Salt Lake:

For the more sophisticated couples, this mall is ideal for a romantic hangout. No, you cannot engage in unabashed kissing (a peck is okay, though) but there is an open courtyard (a hangout zone) where couples sit hand in hand and talk, eat and laugh.

How to reach-

  1. Take a cab till City Centre I
  2. Take a metro till Girish Park. Then, take an auto till Kankurgachi. Then, take another auto till FD Block. Then walk for 10 minutes.
  3. Reach Ultadanga. Then take an auto.

Privacy quotient-

Not much privacy there. It’s a mall. You can’t have sex there. The ambience is good and even holding hands would give you a high. So, be happy with that!


5. Nalban Boating Complex:

It’s another romantic corner which can be fun. It will cost you entrance ticket, though. But you get a license to romance with full privacy and a good atmosphere. Boating can also be enjoyed and you will find hygienic food.

How to reach-

Take a cab

Privacy quotient:

Basically, young lovers haunt the place. So, stuff like smooching is pretty ordinary here.

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5 Responses to 5 really romantic places in Kolkata

  1. krish says:

    now nalban has closed for all.
    so now its better for couple is science city.

  2. Ramiz says:

    I thought I would get name of some unknown places. BTW princeps ghat should be in the list.

  3. Anonymous says:

    vote for sonagachi….

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